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Career Services

At JobTactics, we use tools, practices and information to raise personal awareness, confidence and create strategies to help our clients navigate life’s challenges, reach clarity and self direction and kick-start their career, leading to greater personal life satisfaction.

We offer services for resume and targeted job application, interview preparation, career counselling, transition planning, career development and management.
Career counselling, planning and management services
JobTactics is experienced in job selection and recruitment on behalf of a range of government, not for profit and private sector organisations. We offer insight to a range of clients from job seekers to those wanting to change their careers, navigate new pathways or career enterprise. This includes lifestyle transition, adopting or adapting to unforseen change, creating better work life balance, and invigorating or shifting gears in their careers.
What occurs in a typical consultation process?
After discussion with you, an appointment is booked to discuss your situation, interests and needs at this point we match your requirements appropriately with services. We work with you to construct a strategy - you are in control to undertake research, be networked and navigate your career.
If you are located outside the metropolitan area, Skype and email arrangements are offered.
Job Tactics make services available by conducting events and visits to regions throughout the year, so invitations to workshops, newsletters and “catch ups” are available as a means of support. Register your name

We provide:
• Individual sessions
• Group sessions
• Career development workshops
• Coaching and mentoring
• Testing services –career assessment industry, occupation and career options. Personality testing and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for individuals and people in organisations.

Career Counselling, Career Coaching, Educational Guidance, Career Profiling, Career Transition, Career Development Training, Recruitment and Selection, Organisational Consulting, Career Program Design and Development, Course Selection, Job Application Assistance, Student Mentoring.

Do we provide job application and interview support?
Yes, we do.When constructing resumes, our professional services help you highlight your skills and experience that are relevant and appropriate to specific fields and sectors. JobTactics can also refresh and revitalise resumes, build skills profiles targeted for specific fields or support transition to new fields of employment.We provide interview preparation and coaching services.

So it’s not what to do now but what to do next that counts! 

What is a career?
Career is an individual’s work and life roles over their life. This includes paid and unpaid such as student, volunteer or parent. The occupational roles people hold can lead to various skills, experience and qualifications.

Career development is a process of planning and direct action toward personal work and life goals.
Career development success can be measured in terms of work and life satisfaction and employability. McCrindle research says, 

Australia's average job tenure today is 3.3 years - based on this, Australians starting (part-time) work at 18, and retiring from all work at 75 will have around 17 employers in their lifetime.

The rapidness of change and introduction of technology will require continual learning–development of new skills and knowledge.

Why career development?
Career development helps you to be prepared to adopt, adapt and navigate change!

We can be sure that work is continually changing. What satisfies us today, may not feed us financially or creatively in the years ahead. Rapid change requires us to keep pace and to actively seek new ground. It’s vital for you to keep currency, especially with regard to skills, knowledge and experience. Most importantly, our working life needs to energise us passionately towards the future.

• If you seek to be empowered to identify or design your work- or lifestyle,explore it with JobTactics.
• If you want to derive greater satisfaction and fulfilment in your career, find it via JobTactics.
• If you seek to transition out of and into a work or life situation of your making to suit your needs, then create this with JobTactics.

Today, a person may find themselves changing jobs eight times across their career. Design a career suit of your making.

Counselling fees and services
JobTactics use one-to-one career counselling and coaching, and computer-based career assessment tools to work with clients. Our process explores, reviews, supports and raises client’s self-awareness and self-management. We shape our services to your needs and fees and practices offered are individually based to suit your circumstance.
Please note
• A deposit is required for resume writing and employment services.
• As coaching services are part of an ongoing program fees are to be paid upfront.
• Career counselling and development are to be paid on the day.

There are different packages available to suit client needs, fees below are as a guide only.

Career counselling for redirection and job transition: 
 Career crossroads, plateaus, identifying direction while improving skills and qualifications.
• Individual one-off career discussions, initial consultation sessions to discuss career, job search and specific issues, career counselling 
and post session activities (1 hour) - $250.00 includes GST
• Individual meeting and initial discussion, completing assessments, undergoing career counselling session and formalisation of the process.
Clients are provided with reports and action plans to guide the next steps.
Student fee young adults - $390.00 includes GST
 Adult fee - $590.00 includes GST
• Adult fee combined counselling, resume and career coaching package - $1,340.00 includes GST

Career Education: 
Resume writing and job application, interview techniques, employability and career redirection services. Advice, feedback and guidance on addressing criteria package designed to suit adult job applicants.
New to job market - client’s complete computer-based career tool and one hour counselling session (or optional one hour coaching.)
School students - $300.00 includes GST
Uni & TAFE Student fee - $380.00 includes GST

Resume CV Career counselling - development of a professional resume customised to Career Direction program.
Job Direction Interview (Role play) Questions tailored to position and interview environment.
Client provided with feedback - $380.00 includes GST.

Resume update and job application feedback designed to individual circumstances priced to suit client requirements.

Workplace coaching: 
To assist those in a workplace to deal with situations and workplace issues, performance management processes and tactics to use in difficult discussions.
Initial session 1 hour @ $200.00 includes GST
Subsequent Career coaching 45 minute sessions - $80.00 includes GST

Life style transitions: 
Preparing for parenthood, working part-time, retirement, creating and establishing small business and improved work life balance. 
Adult fee - computer assessment, discussions and planning across 4 sessions (6hours).
To suit individual circumstances - $800.00–$1450.00 includes GST

Coaching services: Executive, business and life coaching. Designed to individual circumstances.

Cancellation Policy
JobTactics operate within a 24-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations within 24 hours of appointment time will be charged at full price. It is after confirmation of time and appointment between client and JobTactics that our 24-hour cancellation policy takes affect.

JobTactics have the right to refuse service at any time at our discretion, should behaviour or communication be deemed inappropriate. It is JobTactics right to notify clients in writing and to withdraw our services immediately. In such circumstances, the client will not be eligible for a refund.

JobTactics require payment immediately after career counselling services have been provided and in cases of providing job education support, may request part payment up front.

A price quoted and provided in writing is valid for three weeks (15 working days).

JobTactics provide documents in standard editable format. We are unable to provide computer technical support to our clients.

JobTactics work within the Codes of Conduct and under the direction provided by professional industry associations and the ACCC. We do not guarantee jobs will be secured through our counselling and resume and job application services.

JobTactics seek to work with our clients to develop a resume or job application that are reflective of their skills, knowledge and career experience. We seek full and honest disclosure of credentials, certificates and details provided to us by our clients and cannot be held at fault for misinformation.

JobTactics aim to meet our client expectations and deliver our services to a professional standard reflective of our Codes of Conduct and profession. Responding to short notice, we will at all times seek to meet requests received and confirm commencement of the work required.

JobTactics aim to provide our services to meet the satisfaction of our clients. In confirmation of using our services, our clients are asked to sign Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and upon this, we operate in good faith at all times.

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